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n/n = negative
PF = has positive foal; PP = has positive parent; PS = positive full sibling;
Suspect=at this time this horse is supect

[PSSM1 n/P1=1 Pos gene; P1/P1=both genes pos]
The colored bars are our NEW FEATURE! They indicate PSSM1 Status. Purple=positive; Orange= has a positive parent or positive offspring; Yellow=horse is Suspect; and Green=horse is clear.
[PSSM2 PSSM2=horse is positive for some variant of PSSM2]
[P2 n/P2=1 P2 gene; P2/P2=both genes pos] [P3 (MFM) n/P3=1 gene pos; P3/P3=both genes pos] [P4 n/P4=1 gene pos; P4/P4=both genes pos] P5 N/P5=carrier with 1 gene; P5/P5= horse has the disease] [PX (RER) n/PX=one gene; PX/PX=both genes pos]
[HYPP n/H=1 gene; H/H =both genes pos] [MH n/MH=1 gene pos; MH/MH=both genes pos] [GBED GBED=carries GBED] [HERDA N/HRD=1 copy carrier; HRD/HRD= 2 copies afflicted] [OLWS O=1 copy Carrier] [DSLD DSLD=this horse has been diagnosed with DSLD]
Colors: Full colored squares means that horse is duplicated elsewhere in the pedigree. and finally under STATUS if a horse is marked with a V that means the pedigree has been verified. IF the horse has three stars after it's name *** it means the foal report is on file and all foals are in the database. If you see a horse here with errors or your horse is on here and you would like it removed please send us a polite message and ask us to remove or correct it. Our intention is not to offend but to provide information and to research pedigrees.

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